Dream it, do it.

Skills, ideas, talents can be brought to life for personal expression or for a business enterprise – or remain fallow, an untapped resource.

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Knitting is time and effort distilled, just like life. Speak. © Moo Dog PressChoices form paths, leave others behind – and every knitter must choose – color, patterns, stitch variations, costs – to follow a pattern, adapt an existing idea, or forge something completely new. Being truly alive calls for listening to what’s inside, following your heart. Combined with dedication and hard work (and a network of inspired people) results can spark others and lead to some pretty interesting places.

Knitting is a joy and a personal obsession that has led to experimenting with fiber, design and patterns seen in nature.

This is the essence of knitting – joy in doing, beauty, challenges surmounted, experiences to share in handling, and, in the end, a usable and beautiful object that is a pleasure to handle and serves a purpose for one short-haired faithful companion. No one ever told me that knitting a full-size sweater for a first try at making something might not be a good idea. But that dedicated attempt turned into a wearable and durable garment still in use two decades after casting on. Likewise, when transforming a square of knitted work into a small garment seemed another good solution – as well as a way to work out new knit stitch patterns and cables. On a walk, what works and what does not becomes apparent – a true field test of both construction and the yarns used.

We're twins, sort of. Handknit with handspun and Rowan British sheep breeds yarns.

“Don’t die wondering” is a good way to start each day. Try, do, make, create – a life, a company, product, vision – that adds to the world, not subtracts.