Book Series

Knit to unwind; walk to balance life. One pattern; endless variations.
Carved of brownstone portrait knit into cabled color.
Driven by curiosity to go see and find patterns, color, stories, knitting is woven into a life walking around and writing.

A Boston on point in an author's beloved and overgrown apple orchard.

A Boston on point in an author’s beloved and overgrown apple orchard.

A knit-to-fit process. What a change in color can do. Cables. When to modify and frog until the results match the mind’s eye. Make one. Change the yarn, color, cables, pattern. Knit another. Clarify; take notes. Center a design on the back. Wear and observe how yarns and construction work or don’t work in daily field and farm explorations. Knit more. Treasure the sourcebook that contains sketches, field notes, patterns, history, quotes. Along the way learn that knitting furiously can wear out bamboo or wood needles. That male dogs have a different fit need for comfort because of how they are made.

After a long trek in warm weather, evenings can turn chilly. In summer, a river swim and cool evenings make a sweater welcome for the ride home. Wool is warm and quality yarns age beautifully becoming more appealing with wear. Notes and drawings keep the lessons learned and tips for adding a harness opening (or not). Now there is a growing stack of knitted finished work along with pages of future color combinations. Endless ideas. A hybrid delivery of digital married to print capability on demand born from a business reporting background leveraged by years of living life in country settings from rural Florida to acres of farmland in the mountains of western Virginia.

Writing code is another way of knitting life into reality.