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“Dogs are so integral to our cultural DNA that they seem to be inserted into every second advertisement on TV. So many households have dogs – about 40 per cent – that they appear in ads for products that have nothing to with them. Cars, toilet paper and insurance immediately spring to mind. The list is endless. Advertisers follow the money. Australia has one of the highest rates of animal ownership in the world, with two-thirds of Australian households having at least one animal.” Story, WA

Border collies are not for everyone. But if you have work for them to do and understand their super intelligent ways, they can be a memorable canine ally.

“Di has chosen ten poems for the latest publication Ten Poems about Knitting, which is possibly the first anthology on the subject. A mix of classical and contemporary work, it features poets including the late Leicester-born Jessie Pope, American writer Emily Dickinson, Nottingham poet Sue Dymoke and Jackie Kay, from Scotland. To tie in with the anthology, she has just had the first batch of yarn processed from the Gotland breed.” Story, Nottingham Post


“The mill’s focus on quality and small-batch production, and diverse array of services have helped keep the business churning over the years, Bushnell said.” Story, Still River Fiber Mill, Hartford Business News.