Amazing Knitting: Journey And Destination

Color changing yarn work in progress on the beach, Moo Dog Knits Magazine.It looks complicated, doesn’t it?
But it’s not. This knit-to-fit work in progress is a riff on a popular pattern that calls for two skeins of color-shifting yarn using a staggered rib pattern.
Knitting with Amazing yarn, the reverse side of the work in progress.The reverse side with color floats (above) looks woven, almost as striking as the front.
Boston terrier and horseshoe crab fragment on beach walk, knit in progress photo session.Knitting is a journey with inspiration sparked by life, blending in passion and joy in creating. The destination is the finished object. Time and the forces of nature wear mountains to grains of sand. In knitting, time and effort add up stitch by stitch to not only soothe the soul, but also to produce useful or pleasing objects. After casting off, weaving in ends and seaming, empty needles and hungry fingers quest once again for that soothing rhythm.