Back To Go Forward: Knitters

That was more than 28 years ago.
Here is that first-ever sweater knit of 100 percent wool from a Virginia farm. Warm and comfortable, the sturdy garment saw much use while working around horses many moon ago. The skeins were a parting gift from a friend who was also a colleague. She trained Border collies, loved dogs and cats, and was an accomplished knitter as well as a veterinary technician. Thinking back, the full-length mohair-and-wool cardigan she knit and wore often at work is what inspired picking up my needles to attempt knitting.
The story of a earthy brown sweater with a red patterned band was recalled recently while weeding out an attic. The much-loved woman who knit this for her grandson has been gone for more than 27 years. Her work is treasured still as is her memory and the small sweater she created.

Next: How knitting a series of terrier-size sweaters has taught so much about fitting, short rows, gauge and design refinement that is resulting in child-size vests and new patterns.