One of a Kind Eggplant. Color, Speak Noro

An eggplant with an attitude atop a work in progress knit of Noro yarn.
An eggplant with a nose. © Moo Dog Knits

The regal fruit with personality was tucked carefully inside a stuffed-to-the-brim, summer CSA tote. Sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupes, Swiss chard, and more – all grown and produced by Killam & Bassette Farmstead of South Glastonbury, Connecticut.Bob Hope eggplant. © Moo Dog Press Eggplant as a color is opulent with rich tones more like a work of art than something to eat. As a color, it is to be used sparingly. So when the self-striping colors of Noro of this work in progress knitted dog sweater were not to my liking, another colorway was spliced in.Boston terrier tail and Noro knit. © Moo Dog Knits
Knitting for a short-coated canine companion and walking daily year round, the experience is doubled each time a glance over shows me the beauty of the yarn knit as a center cable enhanced by purled rows – all displayed on a Boston terrier trotting alongside. For a ride or across rough terrain, more sturdy, washable, no-nonsense knitwear is called for.
Spectacular tree. © Moo Dog Knits
Knit with fibers you enjoy, as life is short. Walk more. Take your buddy along. According to the U.S. Pet Industry market statistics an estimated $60.59 billion dollars will go into the economy for pets (dogs included). Of that, USA households report ownership of 77.8 million dogs and 7.5 million horses. (There are cats, reptiles, small pets, birds, fish also.) Spending goes to vet care, vet visits, food, treats, boarding, grooming, toys. There is no category for yarn.