Cold Weather Ahead: Toes, Nose Ready

Hey, hah, ho – over the hills we go.

Boston terrier custom knit sweaters.

Daily walks year round? Yes, if prepared. One 100 percent wool for the walk, another dry one to wear once back in the vehicle.

There are some who can live indoors, others who cannot. Dogs – even though humans try to make them into what they are not – love to walk, check scents, roll in unmentionables, go for a walk. As marvelous companions, keep them warm. A 100-percent wool sweater that fits just right (not too snug, not too loose – and for males, designed for their working parts) – gives us all more time outdoors.

“It stings the toes, and bites the nose…”
as that old song goes. Remember, monitor exposure, especially for the feet in very cold temperatures. Bring along a spare sweater for swapping out the snow-covered one on your return.