Artist Anette Edmark: Equine (Knit It)

Capture the essence; she did.

Horse head sculpture and yarn in earth tones.

Natural light changes the look of the sculpture, seen here with a jot of Noro yarn.

This horse head sculpture by Anette Edmark of Sweden has the original label on it, a reminder to all makers to sign your work so others can find the source of an object that calls out to them.
Close-up of the base of the sculpture.

The whorl of a nostril and detail of the base and label. TW/MDK

From Mother Sweden, a company founded by passionate collectors of Nordic art, and based in Stockholm, this description of Anette Edmark (1960- ), as one of the “most renowned representatives of the contemporary Swedish ceramic design. She is well known for her unique production, mainly of animal sculptures, from her Stockholm-based studio.” The beauty of the lines of the horse head profile she created is a delight to look upon. Noro yarn and two other yarns knit up to echo the earthy tones; with a sketch and a swatch, a small sweater flowing off the needles. The fanciful swirl for the horses’s nostrils are whimsy; this artist knows her subject. How the horse head journeyed from her studio to mine is anyone’s guess, but am glad it did.
Knitted horse design sweater

Jump. White horse, red horse, gate, border.

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