Ask, Seek, Find: Stitches United

Entrepreneurs, we love them. Makers and creators put something new into the world, as do enterprising people who launch and grow a business.

Artistry, traditions and technology. Melinda Purcell Byrd of Byrdcall Studio of Maryland with Libby Butler-Gluck, Stitches Events. Photo AGH/MDK

At Stitches United, not only innovation was on view, but also a community of people who love of craft and sharing knowledge and joy. Such beauty. Not only yarn, but also sewing, felting, rugs, and sewing machines that are computers, actually.

Paulette and Paul Meijer of Knitty Gritty Yarn Girl, and their mobile boutique yarn shop (an RV) that was parked inside the event held at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Lise Wilson of Knitting Rose Yarns, who “specializes in bison blends, gradient and self-striping yarns” – from Fort Worth, Texas. Lise works with Ron and Theresa Miskin of The Buffalo Wool Company, whose Herdwear brand clothing and accessory line (bison fiber blended with Ragg wool) includes stylish hats in many designs (yes, fedoras), plus fingerless gloves, and more. So much to see and learn. Husqvarna Viking sewing, quilting and embroidery machines – computerized sewing to expand creativity; amazing. More about what was seen and people met, next.

Stitches United, held in Hartford, is but one facet of Knitting Universe, which includes XRX Books, STITCHES Expo events held across the U.S., and themed learning retreats.