Shards of Two Types + New Yarn, Book

Well, not so bad. Good thing photos were taken of the yarn upon arrival, when steady rain prevented more exploration of land around that long-vanished farmhouse.

Labels are shredded, yarn is just fine. Pottery shards for color.

Puzzling together shards of one type helped when a determined Boston terrier shredded a bag containing three skeins. The paper labels? Somewhat soggy shreds. When life zigs, take a deep breath and zag along.

Apparently, she thought the MillaMia 100 percent cotton yarn (in a soft presentation pouch sent for review by LoveKnitting) were for her. Toys, in other words. Since she arrived at age 3, it is clear she once received new toys on a regular basis. In boxes. Each shopping bag is potential, to be examined for playthings. (Don’t feel bad, there are many, many options already in the house, but new is always better.) She is curious, whip smart.

Since recent surgery to remove a ruptured disc after an MRI, a Boston terrier’s compulsive game of “throw the ball” is no longer an option. The choice is life as a dog, or not. So re-learning is a process. Good company while the yarn is wound for knitting. A book arrived the same day – The Original Annabel Fox: An Exclusive Knitwear Collection – by Rowan and Anaya Publishers (1991). Inside are inspiring patterns. The best part is the designer “speaking” about her process – fascinating.