Construct. Code. Reinvent.

So what will happen if I try this? How can this be made to look like that? Humans make things, discard, re-work and combine elements of life expertise. The same mindset can make a quantum leap into a digital world to transform materials with a different set of tools – virtual reality, animation, mixed realities. It’s the same creative skill set called for to design in any medium.

"The Old New World" (Photo-based animation) by Seccovan on Vimeo.

Just step back and look how old photographic images can become something else, seemingly alive. Or how one person re-invents life and work using elements she is passionate about: “During my studies in industrial design I was fascinated by machine knitting. But that was not to be where my future lay…” relates Greta von Vlerken, founder of by Greta von Vlerken. Type words, design is charted. Image links to her site.

“In the beginning of the 1990s, my work gradually switched from knitting to stitching. I made counted patterns and line designs… (Then) a completely new chapter opened in my life: our son was born. Once I got used to motherhood, I took a course in web design and started making websites together with a colleague… Since then, luckily all the right elements were in place to start up StitchPoint.”

“Good code is short, simple, and symmetrical – the challenge is figuring out how to get there.”

Sean Parent