Craft and code. Two tracks that run parallel with people as bridges to cross back and forth. Here is Radia Perlman in an interview for her induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (2016) about innovation, design and communication.

For those who love to chart new paths – Stitch Fiddle. An online pattern design community that is free, with a premium version available. Technology behind Stitch Fiddle is explained on a page that allows a look behind the scenes (“You don’t need to understand what is written on this page to be able to use Stitch Fiddle.”)

An image from Stitch Fiddle.

“The frontend of Stitch Fiddle is built with React and Redux as a Single Page Application (SPA). The code is written with the powerful benefits of functional programming in next generation JavaScript (ES2015 and beyond) using Babel and bundled into chunks with Webpack.”

The company is on Twitter, Facebook – with a gallery of inspiration on Instagram, more on Ravelry. Their “Who We Are” page is inspiring, linked here.

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