Deadlines Near For Fair Exhibits Competition

Maybe this is the year to take home a ribbon (and a premium, the prize money) or honorable mention in a fair competition. No matter. It’s so much fun to ready and enter a contest at a fair or festival near you. For many years our family enjoyed the yearly expeditions to these events for the food and to gawk at the craftsmanship on display (also the draft horse pulls, a personal favorite).

But did you know that anyone may enter an exhibit? Well, there are rules and deadlines, of course. Most are online or readily available by picking up a fair booklet at a nearby feed store, library or town hall.

For instance, the creative arts contest deadline for The Big E, which is New England’s largest fair in September, is fast approaching. The event has something new this year – one-day contests, including “A Minute to Knit it,” “A Minute to Crochet it,” and “No More Trash! Toss!”

Categories to enter include jams & jellies, fiber, home garden, giant pumpkins, gourds, wreaths and photography. The Big E runs Sept. 14 through Sept. 30. Continue Reading