Deadlines Near For Fair Exhibits Competition

Knitting is soothing, as the beloved motions of knit and purl smooth out frazzles and provide relief from life’s busy-ness. Daily knitting is only slowed (but not ever stopped) by summer’s heat and humidity.
Knitting at the fair. Note the sheep in the background. Photo Moo Dog Knits Magazine
For many years our family enjoyed the yearly expeditions to fairs for not only the food and sights, but also to take in the craftsmanship and artistry on display (also to watch the draft horse pulls, a personal favorite). No one ever thought to enter a quilt or our mother’s made-from-scratch chili sauce. So did you know that anyone may enter an exhibit for a fair? There are rules and deadlines, of course. To enter, first find a premium booklet at a feed store, library, town hall – or check online.

Maybe this is the year to take home a ribbon (plus a premium) or nab an honorable mention at a fair or festival near you. There is a process involved to getting an item ready, filing a form by the deadline, then bringing it in for exhibit. To enter the creative arts contest for Eastern States Exposition – better known as The Big E – is still possible.
Ribbons at The Big E. Image by Moo Dog Press Magazine, used with permission.
New one-day contests, including “A Minute to Knit it,” “A Minute to Crochet it,” and “No More Trash! Toss!” are offered and pre-entry is mandatory. For help with the process call (413) 205-5015 or see link above. Remember, each fair is different and procedures vary.
Usually after a fair, exhibits are released and premiums awarded. Judges (not all) may include helpful critiques or comments on entry tags. To find a fair from Alaska to Minnesota or anywhere in the world by location or date, visit the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) listings. For how to enter the 2012 quilt or baking competitions at a member fair in Connecticut, visit Story about the 2011 quilt winner here.
Inside Slater Mill is a community of people who love to make things. Photo by Chris Brunson for Moo Dog Knits Magazine.

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