Handspun by Edith Simonson, A Yarn Portrait

Vegetal-dyed Churro yarn handspun by Edith Simonson of Arizona - image by a Connecticut river by Chris Brunson, Moo Dog Knits.Works of art inspire. Never more so than when fiber of such quality and artistry calls out for land and sky and living water to show its true beauty. Which is how a skein and two rolled balls (the rose color is derived from prickly pear cactus) of handspun yarn prompted a river walk in Connecticut. Summer light is made doubly powerful by reflections of moving water.
The vibrant color of the vegetal-dyed Churro yarn handspun by Edith Simonson of Arizona is a work of time and artistry. Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land features a gallery of work by Simonson, a Diné master weaver, handspinner and Churro woolgrower, and a portrait of her mother, Alice Nez, master artist/weaver, on the site. Simonson and her work appear in the film “Weaving Worlds” produced in part by TricksterFilms LLC.
Yarn portrait. Moo Dog Knits Magazine.
The work of Simonson in the form of fiber to knit up traveled across a continent and into my hands for knitting after finding the natural-dyed yarn on an image search leading to the Black Mesa/Migrations website. Acting as a bridge between new and old American Indian and Inuit (Eskimo) art and crafts, it provides a showcase for the artistry from makers or indigenous cooperatives and enterprises. Yarn and fleece available in limited quantity and demand is high. Contact the artist information is linked here.

Chris Brunson