Tracking Patterns & Deep Time

One size does not fit all.
Cable knitted dog sweater for a small Boston terrier with dinosaur footprint. Moo Dog Knits Magazine.As in the footprints left behind in life. The fossil imprint of a long-vanished dinosaur captured in stone is the inspiration for the cabled all-over knit pattern for a terrier-size sweater. Knit to fit, the under panel is knit-purl rib for give. This took awhile to work out. The time spent is worth it as the resulting sweater is comfortable enough that dogs walk up and seemingly ask to shrug into it. The leg openings are generous and wide, tacked secured with some extra stitching for everydat wear and tear. Although an earlier draft of this knitted pattern featured picked-up stitches and sleeves – they aren’t practical. Being a dog means movement and tending to earthy matters. At least in our world of walks and hikes and explorations. Sturdy works. Frilly doesn’t.

Cables tracking down the center panel of this layered-in-blues custom knit sweater.

The Connecticut River Valley is the site of an ancient rift valley, with a large portion covered by the waters of Lake Hitchcock once upon a time. The region is a hotbed for fossilized dinosaur footprints, fossil fish, plant remains from the Jurassic era. South Hadley, Massachusetts is the site of the first known discovery of dinosaur remains in North America in 1802. On our own daily walks, there are patterns of large mechanical dinosaur-like earth movers. Tracks left by treads sculpting the earth into what looks like cable knit patterns to re-create in yarn. Knitting is an obsession and a pleasant one. Sharpening a concept that was only an idea into patterned reality. Adding color, then knitting the yarn into endless experiments with cables. Curiosity leading to explorations to visit lesser-known geological sites in a region rich in layers of history.

Coming up: A pattern inspired by fossilized rain drops.