Chewy’s Trust: Life With A Great Dog

The gifts don’t come without a dose of strange.

Boston terrier Chewy and his shadow.  Moo Dog Knits.

Whittling a pair of knitting needles from a stunted Eastern cedar tree makes sense when nothing else does.

Carved wooden needles from a cedar tree.Here they are with a test swatch. Life is a journey we are all in together and not one of us knows when the music will stop or change tempo.

Quirky has value many people miss or belittle. But for those who see with their heart, much will be revealed. There’s a Chewy-size hole in my life and an even bigger one in my heart.
Chewy, my handsome Boston terrier. Profile on Moo Dog Knits Magazine.

“Be proud of every scar on your heart, each one holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons,” wrote Wallace Stegner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who wielded words that shaped change in the world and in my life.

Wallace Stegner and a handsome knitted cardigan.

Tanned hides bear evidence of barbed wire encounters, life marks of bites and battles – did you know that?

Chewy and a knitted sweater with Til in an old cow pasture.

Dogs and horses remember kindness and also past unkindness, revealed by their behavior over time. They forgive easily, but never ever forget. Chewy trusted me, a great honor earned by consistent steady love and a dependable routine. Our last outing was to Dinosaur Footprints Reservation and the Connecticut River in Massachusetts for a photo shoot.

Chewy, a Boston terrier, with fossil ripple marks from an era when dinosaurs roamed the Connecticut River Valley. Moo Dog Knits.There was knitting involved with sketches for a new cable stitch to echo fossil ripple marks. Chewy patiently put up with fittings and modeled with such grace as to make it look easy. His natural talent is rare. He loved food and being warm. With an athelete’s build and strongly muscled, this incredible dog was more like a stubborn pony with a vocal personality that filled a home.

And now he’s gone.Always going forward. Wait for me my friend up the road.