Wool Rising: Carding Fiber With Four-Legged Company

“What are you doing?”
Carding. © Moo Dog Knits
“Carding wool fleece. Basically, it’s combing the fibers to get them ready for spinning into yarn.”
Sunlight wool. © Moo Dog Knits
The process begins using a set of curved back wooden carders made by Clemes & Clemes of Pinole, California. That is what is marked on these beautifully crafted carders that have traveled the country with me since 1979, when they were mailed to Florida after a mail-order purchase. Nowadays they cost $86 a pair without shipping, but having used them to prep an entire wool batting for a handmade pieced quilt, will vouch for the quality. (Yes, it was cold enough in northwest Florida to warrant a warm wool quilt.)

To be continued.