Knit To Fit (Long Distance) For A Very Special Chet

Knitting for ease is great, but the whole thing has to not impede while on a run at full speed for an athletic Boston terrier. A stand-in model obsessed with any round object will do as a little workhorse to test the garment. See green. © Moo Dog Knits

Having knit this to almost completion once and been unsatisfied with the final presentation, all was frogged back. Do it over. The work is rewarding. Side seams sewn up and a woven tag tucked in an inside seam. Done. On and two variations. © Moo Dog Knits

Yes, black yarn does pick up shed hair. (The sweater on the right knit for a yarn review is holding up well after a year but has accumulated stray bits.) No matter. That’s a fact of life with dogs. On the cold days ahead, may this small knitted garment keep cozy a very special canine who, with his owner, lit the way in a very dark time in life. The combination of words entered in an online search in 2009 that turned up Chet Baker‘s antics showcased with wonderful photography and stories by his human interpreter (a true gift)? “Roo-roo, Boston terrier.” And now he is 11.

Chris Brunson