Ebb And Flow: Tides of Life, A Beach In Winter

Storms of sand blast every inch of exposed skin on a daily walk near the ocean. Winter is when knitting is even more wonderful – with a coat of short hair (not deep fur), Boston terriers keep more of that vital warmth when insulated with a layer of knitted wool.

A Boston terrier wears a warm wool custom knit sweater.

On the sand flats as the tide is coming in – rounds of ‘get the ball’ at a full speed run.

A language of form and function, knitting is the art and science of making useful things. A pattern is a universal roadmap of sorts; some terms may be unfamiliar from region to region, but with a little applied effort, the way forward becomes clear. This one is from a booklet published in 1862, digitized by Google, and available to all online. The image is linked to the original publication, which contains other possibilities, including how to create a muffatee (an archaic term for knitted fingerless arm-gloves). It’s a new year; always good to learn something new.

An old knitting pattern from The Queen's Winter Knitting book published in 1862.

An old knitting pattern from The Queen’s Winter Knitting book published in 1862.

“Old Mrs. Rabbit was a widow; she earned her living by knitting rabbit-wool mittens and muffatees.” – Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Chris Brunson