On The Trail And After: Love To Knit

Basic black. Custom knitted sweater on a slim Boston terrier.Knit for a slim Boston terrier using 100 percent wool, this sweater was modified for her tubular length. (She also has over-sized ears, a charming addition to her unique personality.) There is a heavy cable centered on the sweater’s back. On our explorations, weather can shift from sunny and temperate to raw in minutes, and that means shivering is involved after the completion of the trek. Two favorites places to roam – both places with acres of sky and miles to walk. One fronts the ocean, a place migrating birds seek out – and so do humans. The other is a woodland refuge with a river. A go-bag holds an assortment of layers to add warmth; gloves and hats for the human component; and hand-knit sweaters for my canine companions.

Detail of color knit.

On the trail. Detail of color knit version.