Eyeing Clouds Cowl And A Life Review

Go. If results don’t bring joy and satisfaction, choose another way. Sometimes a review of past work is rewarding. A multi-tonal sweater knit in two versions remains a favorite. And now it’s time for another. But first, knitting a cabled neckwarmer of a cowl to tuck in my pocket for long walks was long overdue. Looking at massive clouds overhead provided the impetus to cast on and just knit.
Snooze knit warm. © Moo Dog Knits
The nubby, thick-and-thin yarn worked well to create a lightweight but warm neck covering useful on daily jaunts in springtime. Random cables make for a three-dimensional pattern that can be adapted for a future Boston terrier-size sweater. Not in a cloud-colored yarn used for the cowl though. Dogs are tough on light-colored materials. And where’s the cloud-inspired cowl? I’m wearing it, of course – headed out for a much-needed walk with two faithful four-footed companions.

Chris Brunson