Celebration of Fiber Arts, People, Enterprise

Wool is an amazing natural fiber. But add to that the many varieties of sheep breeds that produce fleece – each with their own properties – then stir in alpaca, llama, Angora rabbit, mohair goat. Silk. Cotton. Linen. Exotics – bison, cashmere, qivuit, camel, yak; even possum, dog, horsehair. Climate and feed affect the end result – and so does knowledgeable handling to process all into yarn or roving.

Ursula Hanners at FFNE 2016

Ursula Hanners of Wool by Ursula booth at FFNE 2016, featuring wool clothing plus warm blankets. Photo by Anders G. Helm

Human creativity. Seven years celebrating time-honored skills, the animals which produce such wonderful fiber; artisans and crafters – the Fiber Festival of New England showcases people and their products, but also connects the public with those who raise animals that produce such lovely fibers. Knit, crochet, spin, weave, felt, sew, embroider, make. There is a wonderful and powerful back and forth sharing of information and ideas, yarn, fleece, process.

Knitter outside at FFNE.

Knitter outside at FFNE.

Next: The careful clip of an engaging white rabbit with tufted ears. Part two of the visual report by Anders G. Helm at FFNE 2016.

Knitter's shadow.

Knitter’s shadow.