Life & Knitting All Together: FFNE Weekend

Knitting is art and science combined, a technique that is actually engineering with various fibers – and like chess, a skill that takes a lifetime to master. One step at a time works in taking things apart and putting them back together. Working with so-called “crazy” horses wrote a chapter of life, after my time on the flightline was over. Then the knowledge gleaned by those two experiences combined to reveal how to knit designs seen in my thoughts, clear as day.

Handspun yarn.

Handspun Shetland wool. TW/MDP

Business, a love for fiber and livestock plus people weave together to create the Fiber Festival of New England (FFNE), Saturday, Nov. 5 and Sunday. Nov. 6, at Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, Mass. It’s all indoors with flat surfaces that make this event accessible for strollers to wheelchairs, and everyone in between. There are admission and parking fees.

At FFNE © Moo Dog Knits

Vendor list here with floor plan as PDF. Or see a related story, linked here. FFNE has grown since the very first venue. Remember that the love of making things by hand and sharing that is at the heart of it all – and just keep knitting and making and creating.

Chris Brunson