Knit Into The Light

The trees look like Froot Loops. They do. Autumn in the northeast is warm wool sweaters, crisp apples to crunch, woodsy walks and stone walls, which I swear have a scent all their own. Fewer spiderwebs now, the season is passing with each leaf that falls.

Old house to be demolished and one leaf.

“If the house is an old one, and has been cherished, a real sense of the past comes to life within the walls and the window panes. A hundred and twenty-five years have passed like cloud shadows over this roof since young men raised the timber above the fieldstone cellars and the boulders at the corners, for well over a hundred years the touch of human life has smoothed the house as the flowing of a brook wears smooth the pebble in the current of a stream. Every outer threshold, for instance, shows the scooped hollow of the footsteps of those who have come and gone down the archways of the years.” – The Northern Farm: A Glorious Year on a Small Maine Farm by Henry Beston.

Boston terrier custom knit wool sweater

A voracious reader, I write. As editor for a business magazine, then corporate business; as a newspaper features columnist, editor for a weekly community newspaper, revision editor and author of a book on short nature walks; designing and refining a custom knit sweater to fit – all feeds into what is next.

Chris Brunson