No Knitter An Island

Knitting restores something deep and vital, especially in winter. During a field trip visit to Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, what was found includes fiber artistry, interesting people, history and community connections that range from one “island” to another surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Wooden hand-crafted knitting gauge made by Stephen Willett available from North Light Fibers. Photo by Chris Brunson.

A slice of maple wood transformed into a functional work of art, an exquisite knitting gauge in the shape of Block Island (a true island). Crafted by Stephen Willett and seen at a display at Slater Mill’s fiber market (2013). But wait, there’s more. Look, ideas are everywhere; how to transform what is seen into design?

Give two people fiber and time and the results will not ever be the same twice. In a world that is getting faster and more cluttered, knitters – at least this one – value lessons found in nature and quiet time alone, making things.

Coming up: A walk and how one mill leads to another.

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Chris Brunson