Real Life Is Messy

“Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos.” – Will Durant

As the challenge to transform an idea into wearable reality percolates, sometimes that process calls for a long walk. The work then resumes. Real life is messy. Should a passion ebb and feel lost during a fallow stretch of living, the fire can be reignited with the help of other people’s energy expressed as creative works.

Knitting a swatch and reading go together in my life. Moo Dog Knits.For instance, the early spring light spilling across an open book about artist Peter Poskas composed its own still life. Beautiful, with a reminder of earthy scents provoked by reading and looking, the image captured is shown above. The book “The Illuminated Landscape” by Peter Poskas and J. J. Smith was sought out for personal restoration, as a reminder of passionate work with integrity. The volume discovered decades ago while browsing the stacks in a library (a favored place for solace and refuge), was published in 1987 by Watson-Guptill. Pages of paintings and text speak across time and space about things that matter.

Old farmhouse and a story behind it. Read the tale inside The Illuminated Landscape.

“It is further dedicated to all those who love work and respect the land . . . ” writes this exceptional artist and author. The farmhouse depicted in “Spring Rising” no longer stands but because of Poskas and his work the story behind it may be found inside “The Illuminated Landscape.”

And a spark is back, let’s go.

Chris Brunson