Cast On: In Deep Snow With Noro

There are some who think knitting dog sweaters with fine yarn is a bit over the top. Yet superb fiber can take the daily wear and showcases the strength and beauty of the plied wool and silk. The intense hues are incredible as displayed on a black and white athletic Boston terrier. And the comments from fellow walkers in the blasting cold about the sweater – yes, it’s handknit.
Boston terrier and warm hand knit Noro sweater in winter. Moo Dog Knits.
Below zero temperatures have made cabin fever a worthy opponent to battle over the past few months. Vigilance is necessary when spending time outdoors in the arctic-like climate – to keep paws or any skin exposed from frostbite, even while wearing a warm knit and staying active. With energetic Boston terriers, each day there is a level of pent-up liveliness to drain off – and throwing a ball against a mountain of plowed up snow as a backdrop works wonders. Fresh air and sunshine are good for the mind, body, soul of both two-legged and four-legged creatures. Hardy creatures who venture out willingly are far and few between, however. Fortunate indeed are any small children who have parents who swaddle them up then load their marshmallow-like bodies into backpacks to get a glimpse at the sun and blue skies.

Most parks feature small plowed parking areas and rock-like drifts with a singular path shared by walkers, skiers, snowshoers, dogs. Stray off that beaten track for a workout to punch holes in knee-deep snow, so step lively. Dogs will literally follow in your footsteps. Wearing warm knits is not only practical, but necessary. The joy of seeing the deep hues contrasted against stark white snowfall is nearly equal to the joy of knitting a small garment. When asked repeatedly about where can one like it be found, the answer is it’s one of a kind.
Noro knit - a custom dog sweater detail.The field test for patterns and yarn continues. Here the ribbed edge of brilliant blue found in the self-striping DK Noro Takeuma provokes more experimentation. With a slight sheen from the silk and occasional nubby slubs, even using the same yarn will yield different results. To match up bands of color for the stretchy underpanel takes a bit of fiddling. The end result? Quite worthwhile.