Fly Dog Run, Turn Up The Color

Days get longer by minutes. The snow is blue with stripes. While finishing up twin black sweaters (weave in ends, ensure side seams are secure), time to find some knit-with-wool color. The snow is cold although the sun is out. There are some who can live without canine companionship, and some who cannot. Will not. Won’t.
Boston terrier at a run in a tweed knitted sweater with bold cable center panel.
Here is the tweed wool version up close. There is a color accent band around the neck. While that is pleasing, would move the contrast portion to the back ribbing if there was a do-over. This was a draft of an idea knitted into being. The work to get the end cables to flow into ribbing worked out.
Boston terrier in hand-knitted custom sweater design. Moo Dog Knits.The finished version looks good, fits well, works to warm a hard-charging Boston terrier who puts on miles outdoors. Maybe today the sun is out and the snow is melting, but the odds are that Mother Nature will shift and change all back to cold. More likely sooner than later.

Chris Brunson