Sky Washed Clean. Snow Dog, Knitted Hot Pink Wool

In the snow, we go. It’s winter. Time to scrape, shovel, lift, throw. Take a breather, look at the sky overhead as a red-tailed hawk soars by. Companionship on four legs goes by, plowing up the chest-high snow. A snowman is patted into shape.
In the snow. © Moo Dog Knits Then there is time to take a break and play. Later, knitting adds up on most winter evenings. Steeped in words, wool yarn, time. With patience, a wish becomes the thing realized. Two stitches, knit and purl make three-dimensional constructs. It’s fascinating to see patterns emerge. Some yarn is proven by how the finished sweater wears over time. Others will not make the cut. All goes into a notebook.Knitted hot pink cabled dog sweater.
Keep your eye on the ball. Focus. Wait. Oh, it is good. This yarn makes the grade and has beautiful stitch definition for an intricate cabled pattern.