Noro Stripes Now

One designer is bold in the invention of color variation in yarn. Inspired by nature – knitting up Noro yarn reveals intricate patterning. The company takes the name of its founder, yarn designer Eisaku Noro. Take a look at the fiber “painting” in just one yarn line.

Noro's Flower Bed by Noro yarn colorways.

Noro’s Flower Bed colorways. There are many more shade-changing yarns of Noro available.

So are five hanks enough to match color variations?
Noro stripes work in progress knitted sweater for Boston terrier, with a Boston terrier. © Moo Dog Knits

Turns out, that depends on the size of the sweater. Yardage seemed ample – in fact, enough to make another if alternating stripes of pure black were knit. And the knitted ribs then show off the color hues. This work in progress is Hanabatake, a worsted weight self-striping blend of wool, silk and mohair – in “rustic browns” – yet there is a run of nearly fluorescent bright turquoise. The first version of the sweater is having its ends (and there are plenty due to lining up hues) woven in. Tedious, but nearly completed.