Found: Paradise On A Summer Evening

Knitting and yarn and color are stands in a life lived. As lights strung in trees winked on, a cool breeze brought the intoxicating scent of fresh-brewed coffee – follow the aroma into the wonderland of books or enjoy the joy of watching people knit? Books were calling – to browse and read is a primeval need, bone deep. A sip of hot coffee – mugs are provided, such a thoughtful and welcomed amenity – gave just the boost necessary for the remainder of the evening.

A group of knitters at The Book Barn Main Barn.

A group of knitters at The Book Barn Main Barn.

Thank you for welcoming a refugee from the busy-ness of life. New England and Vermont section. © Moo Dog KnitsFor intelligence and courtesy from each person met; the ability to hand a stack of books to a knowledgeable person behind the counter who stashed them in a numbered cubby so more browsing was possible – all part of the calm wonder that is a true book paradise, so well managed.

Studs Terkel

I want, of course, peace, grace, and beauty. How do you do that? You work for it.” – Studs Terkel.

Reading. Mary Armstrong, ex-slave, Houston, Part of a WPA collection kept by the Library of Congress. Portraits of African American ex-slaves from the Federal Writers Project slave narratives collections.

Reading. Mary Armstrong, ex-slave, Houston. From the U.S. WPA, Federal Writers’ Project slave narratives collections, Library of Congress.

“Included here are writers whose writings cover a vast and varying array of topics. In other words those pesky people who stubbornly refuse to fit into a standard genre or category. I mean, really.” The incomparable Studs Terkel, Diana Ackerman, Bill Bryson are some of the authors featured in a new section, as described on a sheet of paper posted as signage, written by Glenn of The Book Barn.

Held safe inside volumes, stories, knowledge, experience. Escape with a good mystery. Choose a pattern to create. Absorb science and lore. Learn about life from people now gone from the earth told by a gifted reporter-broadcaster-historian-actor (Studs Terkel). The past is present; just open a book and read.

“To be remembered was the wish, spoken and unspoken, of the heroes and heroines of this book.”

– Studs Terkel, introduction, Working

Chris Brunson